COOK Taste Cube Bags are being produced from environmentally friendly polyethylene, additive-free and are approved for food contact. Each cube has 125 ml volume that will help you keep your fresh foods frozen.

COOK Taste Cube Bags are clean and hygienic. It allows you to save space in your freezer. Each bag consists from 8 taste cubes, and each pack contains 7 bag. One bag can store maximum 1L of liquid. Its self-locking mechanism eliminate spillage and leakage problems.

You can keep your meat juice, chicken juice, fish juice and bone juice in the freezer for a long time with the COOK Taste Cube bags. In addition, you can obtain frozen, fresh and delicious drinks like vegetable juice, fruit juice and coffee with the help of COOK Taste Cube Bags, whenever you need them.

1. Fill the broth, vegetable juice and fruit juice you have prepared into the bag with the help of a funnel.
2. Turn the bag over so that the self-locking mechanism works and place directly into the freezer.
3. When you want to use, cut the bag according to your quantity from the Taste Cube Bag.