COOK plastic disposable product range responds to all your needs with its wide product range. It caters to picnic, home, hotel, restaurant, fast food, cafe, catering, retail and wholesale businesses with different materials, package sizes, sizes and volume options.

COOK Luxury plastic plate-Large size-10 pieces

COOK Luxury plastic plate-Medium Size-10 pieces

COOK ekonomic plastic cup-10 Pieces-180cc

COOK colorful crystal cup-10 pieces

COOK crystal cup - 10 pieces

COOK luxury plastic knife - 10 pieces

COOK luxury plastic spoon

COOK luxury plastic spoon-10 pieces

COOK economic plastic knife-10 pieces

COOK economic plastic fork-10 pieces

COOK economic plastic spoon -10 pieces

COOK economic picnic set

COOK tick pipet - 100 pieces

COOK belows thick gelatinousy pipet-25 pieces

COOK tick gelatinousy pipet-25 pieces

COOK pipet-25 pieces