Wrapping is now very easy. First pull the film then just press and cut!

    • Hard times when pulling and finding the tip of the film is over now.
    • Press&Cut Dispenser cuts the film at one move, and helps you wrap your foods easily.
    • With its perfect and durable design, it provides first-time performance even after years.




      • Thanks to its special design, the product prevents the tip of the film from escaping and makes it easier to use it next time.
      • The protective lid prevents mixing of the film and allows you to stretch your foods properly.



      • Removes the stress you experience while cutting the film and cuts the film for you with a simple action.
      • Thanks to its concealed knife, it keeps your fingers safe against cutting during stretching.
      • The specially crafted knife is resistant to wear and tear, even after years of performance.



    • It keeps your food fresh and prevents interlacing of food scents.
    • It can be used without contacting food during defrosting and heating processes in your microwave oven.
    • Cling film enables easy filling of food and keeping foods in refrigerator and freezer comfortably.

Press&Cut First Use

Replacing the Film

For Your Security
• To obtain safety and usage information for this appliance, carefully read the instructions for use provided with the appliance before using it.
• The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage resulting from failure to observe and follow the instructions for correct use of the appliance.
• Read the instruction manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
• If you will give or sell this appliance to another person, give the instruction manual.

General Safety Information and Warnings
• The appliance should not be used by children. Do not allow children to play with it.
• The appliance may not be used by persons with low physical, perceptual or mental abilities.
• Only use specially produced refill for this appliance.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Dispenser
• Appliance does not need to be cleaned properly. If needed, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.
• When cleaning, do not insert your fingers into the cutting blade section and do not touch the blade.
• Do not use detergents and cleaning materials that require rubbing. The surface of the device may be damaged.

Injury Hazard
• Care should be taken when closing the top lid to prevent fingers from jamming.
• Do not insert your fingers into the cutting blade section and do not touch the blade, do not remove it from the blade holder.

Refill for Press & Cut Cling Film Dispenser

COOK Press & Cut Refill 60 meters

This refill is designed to be used together with COOK Press & Cut Dispenser. You can safely use your film cutter for a long time by purchasing just the refill.