The usefulness and durability of aluminum foil meet the healthy advantages of baking paper that does not stick to foods. Consisting of aluminum foil on one surface and baking paper on the other surface, COOK Multi-Purpose Foil can be used safely for cooking in oven, steam and your roasting processes. Since one surface of the multipurpose foil is made of foil usable up to 220°C degrees, it can take a shaper more easily compared to baking paper. Foil, as a powerful conductive, ensures equal distribution of heat and allows penetration of heat into every field of paper; food is cooked evenly. No need to oil: Cook with pleasure, clean easily!

COOK Multi-Purpose Aluminum Foil

• Keep your multi-purpose foil away from the electrical elements and resistance of your oven.
• Do not use it in microwave oven.
• To store your products in refrigerator, please allow them to cool completely.
• Be careful not to contact the paper side with the cooking fire.