Introducing the fireproof oven bags in 1985, stretch film food in 1987, and the oiled baking sheet in 1997 in Turkey, COOK brought another first in Turkey: Biodegradable Stretch Film.

New Biodegradable COOK Stretch Film, unlike plastic wastes taking too long to dissolve, is completely destroyed in the nature in a very short time, namely 2 years, and minimizes environmental impact. Not only your food but also the future of the world are is in good hands!

Why should I use COOK Biodegradable Stretch Film?

Like many many plastics entered our daily lives, stretch film may take many years to dissolve as soon as they are released into the nature. New COOK Biodegradable Stretch Film is completely destroyed in nature under the influence of oxygen and daylight; moreover, it does not harm the environment. This bacterial dissolution is much shorter than that of outdoor branch and straw dissolution.

Is it  possible to use New COOK Biodegradable Stretch Film like a normal stretch film?

COOK Biodegradable Natural Stretch Film has all features of standard stretch films and more. You can use it to store all kinds of food safely. There is no risks of using COOK Biodegradable Stretch Film for storing purposes in your refrigerator or deep-freezer and for heating purposes in microwave oven.

What is the Difference? Why can it dissolve in nature?

COOK Biodegradable Stretch Film is a new product made of oxo-biodegradable polythene with a view to minimize the damage caused by plastic wastes left in the nature.
During production, bio-additives are added to Standard Stretch Film formula to ensure dissolution of the product in nature. These materials regress the film into a starchy structure that micro-organisms in the soil use a a source of food. While preserving your food, also by protecting ecological balance and to leave more livable world for future generations, choose COOK Biodegradable Products Series.