During production of cooking papers called as “wax paper” in public, no animal, synthetic or vegetable oils are used. The material giving slickness feeling on the paper is the formula consisting of silicone or natural wax material which is completely healthy in contact with the food. Special formula allows preventing sticking of food during cooking on the paper and gives you the feeling as if it is oily. COOK Baking Paper therefore obtains this pattern facilitating working in the kitchen.

COOK is the company that introduced the baking paper to Turkey. COOK Baking Paper in ideal conditions should be used for cooking and roasting processes in a way not to exceed the maximum temperature specified on the package (220°C).

Late flammable and waterproof; especially in the oven keeping cooking trays clean during cooking; without any needs for oiling and preventing food to adhere on cooking tray, the baking paper during transfer from tray to food service prevents dispersal of foods.

While using the product, edges should be bent to ensure placing away from heating zones of oven and it should be avoided to cook meat and oily products near the oven grill.

For your baking in oven, steaming and roasting processes, you can use the new COOK Multi-Purpose Foil. Inner side was designed as baking paper and outer surface was designed as aluminum foil keeps foods warm, accelerates heathing and prevents icing.

For long term and practical usage of COOK Baking Paper packing:
1. While pressing gently with your finger on the marked point over the box, open by pulling it with your other hand.
2. For COOK Baking Paper: Take rolls by pulling from the center.
3. Place the baking sheet on top of the tray you will use.
4. In order for paper not to touch heater resistances, if necessary, cut extra corners or fold inside.

You can use COOK Baking Paper in your recurring caking processes without any need to oil. It is suitable for use at temperatures up to 220 degrees in microwave oven.