We benefit from all facilities of the production
technology. To support nature, we are trying to
simplify and enrich life.

How Do We Produce ?

In Turkey and the international cuisine.

For over 30 years, the sole and singular brand owner of COOK, Sedat Tahir Inc. conduct production activities with its 300 personnel and with 20.000 tonnes of production annually in closed area of 20.000 square meters located in ASO 1st Organized Industrial Zone. Bringing firsts to kitchens; conducting more than 40 brands, and performing exportation to over 30 countries, our company, is the first one to introduce oven bag (roasting bag), cling film (food wrap), baking paper, and finally biodegradable cling film in Turkey. With its immutable principles of the total quality management and customer satisfaction, Sedat Tahir Inc. bears ISO 9001/2008 Quality Management Systems, ISO 22000/2005 (HACCP) and BRC certifications.

We serve in every province in Turkey with our administrative center and headquarters located in Ankara and with our regional representatives nationwide. Working with the most powerful firms in their regions in franchising procedure; we reach our customers with our cooperation with nearly all chain retail groups.

Human Resources

COOK owes its success in Turkey and in the world to having the qualified workforce . The company has adopted sustainable and ethical production with its quality and workers believing in continuous development.

Owner of COOK brand with 100% domestic capital, Sedat Tahir Inc. support and improves its team continuously with training to satisfy its customers with the highest quality products and high service concept.

During the recruitment process, in accordance with company objectives and culture; technical and personal qualifications of the candidates are considered as basis for placing them to the most suitable company positions. COOK is a company especially preferred by those who want to work for the long term and in a family environment with its management team adopting production and human resources production policies at all levels, and with the social, healthy and modern working environment.

• As of the first day of work, we are aware our leadership in our business and we take responsibility.
• We adopt quality as a way of life; we set an example to our environment with our behavior and our positive energy every time.
• We never forget that our real employer is our customers.
• We care about values of our organization and we abide by the rules.
• We perform all the tasks we have undertaken, giving our highest energy.
• Without sacrificing our environment, we do not forget that we borrow the nature from future generations.
• We feel proud to be a member of Sedat Tahir family.

By placing you into the positions that suit your qualifications, your real potential may be revealed; thanks to our organizational structure adopting “internal promotion”, you can be the future leader.

With internal and external trainings arranged for all our worker in each level; you can improve yourself and add positive value to your career journey.

You can be a part of the institution that gives utmost importance to laws and ethics and that is in good faith and understanding in all relationships with employees.